It’s late and I should be sleeping. Instead I’m writing my first post. Why give up sleep time to do THIS? I’m not giving it up, it is eluding me.

I should backtrack here and introduce myself. Cynthia, owner of CBeadeDesigns, a newly minted small business that produces handmade, beaded jewelry and accessories ( I’ve named this post after a story I read to my daughter about Pete the Cat. He just keeps “walking along and singing his song. It’s all good.”


I tell this to myself so that my “song” doesn’t drown in the mundane activities of business building or become forgotten during my sleep deprivation. I’ve been putting together the nuts bolts of my business. I’m sure you don’t have any difficulty understanding why sleep won’t come to me. You’d be wrong. My problem is that I haven’t told anyone I’m starting a business. Well, I did tell my husband. I do share everything with him (Jeffrey Bolognese).

I didn’t start off by saying to myself, “This is a secret business.” I just didn’t tell everyone. These are two different things. Oh yes they are. I didn’t keep it secret. I just worked on it and didn’t talk. See, two different things. I really did do the latter. About 90% of the not talking was that it truly did not occur to me to go out and tell everyone I know about what I was doing. The other 10% was that I didn’t want anyone telling me how I should do things. I have always been fiercely independent and, God bless her, my mother has always supported me. She was the first I told about this. My mother-in-law was the next. So, both of my moms knew before anyone else, even if they didn’t know right from the beginning. This is where my sleep deprivation comes into play. I shouldn’t feel guilty, right? I didn’t hide anything from them. It just diOdn’t occur to me to say anything until I got things ready. You know, don’t call the guests to the table before the meal is cooked. I guess I’ll get over it. Hopefully my moms will too. After all, I was just walking along and singing my song.

I told everyone else after that. I sell at craft shows and with an online cart. I got it all set up and running without any fuss. I’ll give you the gory details in a later post. My stress was minimal, almost non-existent, and when I launched it I got great compliments and will hopefully have a successful business. The advice I have for you entrepreneurs out there and those thinking they’d like to start their own business, do what is least stressful for you. Don’t worry if it’s “not what other people would do”. If telling the whole world you’re doing this gives you the support to “keep singing your song”, then do it. Trust yourself to make the right decision, and start now. You’re going to be making a lot more.


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