I rather like calling my hair holder Hair Thing 1, but that name doesn’t match my tagline “elegant beaded jewelry and accessories”. I need a new name, so I’m having a contest. Here are the rules.

  1. Anyone can participate (gentlemen, I expect some creative ideas from you!).
  2. The name should mention, or allude to, hair so that customers know what Thing 1 is for.
  3. Nothing insulting or vulgar is allowed.
  4. The more creative, the better!
  5. I choose the winner. If there are no winners, then I’ll run the contest again at a later date. Once I have a winner, the name is mine, but in the details section of my shop I’ll mention who gave me the name.
  6. Your prize will be the fabulous Hair Thing 1! Gentlemen, I know you may not wear it, but I’m certain there’s a lady in your life that will.
  7. Contest starts July 6 and runs until July 14.
  8. Type your entry in the reply box below, or send me an email at cbd@cbeadedesigns.com


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