I accidentally bought a 500 g bag of seed beads.It was a clicking error on my part. When I got my shipment from the bead company, I thought, “Wow, 35g is a lot of beads.” Duh! Reading the packing slip cleared that up.

The pencil is there to help you with scale.

How many beads did I get? Think of a square plastic container, like those from Ziploc or Glad with the blue lids. Imagine it full of tiny beads. That’s 500 g. It didn’t occur to me to return them. They are what beaders call AB. They are “frosted” so that they change from their first color, A, to their second color, B, when the light shifts. I adore them, the little lovelies of lilac with a pale shimmer of blue.


What should I do with that many beads? Let’s just say you’ll be seeing alot of lilac in upcoming projects!

Here’s the first project, already availble for sale (https://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/product_view/CBeadedDesigns/13286204/fringe_japanese_seed_beads_and_bugles)

What’s on my beading tray now? This will be a netted necklace with amethyst drops. I’ve taken the last few days to work out the stitching scheme. This is the very beginning and I’m making the top row of the necklace now.

The start of project 2!

My little sketch may help you imagine what I’m planning.


That’s all from my beading tray for now. As I work this up, I’ll keep you posted. You can watch how this develops.










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