Hi, glad to have you back. I’ve got more for you from my beading table.


The purple, netted necklace I’m working on is coming along fine. I’ve completed what I’ve come to call the “harness” and started the netting. 20160729_225156I picked “harness” up from another person’s tutorial (http://biser-master.ru/27-zhgut-ndebele-na-2-biseriny.html), which was in Russian. I don’t speak Russian, but Google can translate pages. The Russian word for “necklace” gets translated as “harness”. I like this because it describes what this part of my purple necklace is designed to do. It is holding the netting. That means it is a harness. The harness holds certain key beads in the netting pattern (clear crystal). I’ll hang my netting on these and the netting will maintain it’s shape.


If you’re from Michigan, you’ll recognize these beauties. What are these stones?20160801_130349They are my all time favorite “rock”. That’s probably because I used to collect them and polish them and they are the Michigan state fossil. I do have a bunch of my own, but they are too large for jewelry, and I don’t have the equipment to change that. I (gasp!) bought these. The minute I saw them, I knew they were mine. I will be making some pendants with these. Check this blog to see how they are coming along, and maybe reserve one for you!


I’m working on a video tutorial to teach my readers how to do the Nepal Chain Stitch. It works up quick and is easy and looks good. The perfect candidate for a video. I have a sample in sliver, blue, and black.



Come back next week to see what’s beading!


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