Hello out there! I have two things to share today from my beading table. The tutorial I promised about the Nepal Chain Stitch is in the works. The technology is being ornery, so I’m behind. I’ll have it soon.

Purple Netting Necklace

The picture of the WIP (work in progress) is from my phone. I have actually finished this project, and I’ll be 20160730_223356taking good photos with a real camera and good lighting this week. Until then, you’ll have to content yourself with the picture from my phone I have here. The drops are amethyst.



Petoskey Pendant

This is shaping up nicely. I like the color scheme. The bezel ( def.  the rim which encompasses and fastens a jewel) is done in a circular peyote stitch. 20160802_00240820160802_193240

The bezel is actually finished as I write this and you can see it in the image to the right. I’ve started the harness, and it is coming along well. It is a twisted two-strand herring bone stitch. It’s a lot of words, but it’s an easy stitch, giving a simple, elegant twist. I’ve got half done here and it’s the s20160802_193012ame white beads that are the center row of the bezel.

I’d like to bezel another Petoskey stone with blue artwire in what’s called a Viking weave. I think that one will look spectacular! So many ideas, so little time. Good bye for today, but there’ll be more soon.



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