Petoskey Pendant

The harness looks great and I attached it to the bezel. These photos were taken with my phone as I was working, so the lighting isn’t the best, but it’s good enough for a WIP.
20160803_002854I measured and I counted beads. My harness came out lopsided! Bah! 20160803_161604 (1)I thought things were going so well!

I fixed the harness and bezel attachment. I did reattach, but I also linked the harness to itself so that the pendant hangs straight, no matter where the harness slides on the wearer. I’m a little full of myself for coming up with this idea. You’ll just have to bear with me for a few days.

I attached the closure at the same time. I made a loop and toggle closure which I think came out very well.

I’ve chosen the wire for my next project. I’m excited about seeing the blue with the Petoskey. You can see how it turns out in next week’s blog.



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