I’m back to writing about my Petoskey stones. I do love these fossils. I want the perfect bezel, and I really like the blue wire. Two great things in one package.

This was the finished bezel. Looks ok from this angle I guess. Nope, changed my mind. The bail is squished and the weave doesn’t sit uniformly around the stone. This wire is aluminum coated in blue. I don’t know what the blue is, but a lot came off on my hands. I’m not pleased about that. What would it do to my customers clothes? I don’ like working with it for another reason. The aluminum is much too soft. I couldn’t make the weave without bending the s— out of the harness. That was incredibly frustrating. Looking at this from other angles reveals a few things.

The weave on the right side isn’t uniform, but at least it’s holding its shape.

The left side weave didn’t hold it’s shape. As I was taking these photos, the fossil slipped right out of the bezel! I did try this weave again, but the wire just couldn’t handle it. I would pull it tight and bend all the previous weaving, and the stone would still fall out because the metal was so soft it would deform at the least touch and out would come my beautiful fossil.

I came up with another way to bezel, which involved wrapping rather weaving. My hope was that wrapping the harness would strengthen it and I wouldn’t have these problems. It’s called a “figure 8” wrap, because from the side it looks like an “8”.

I started it without the fossil, then wrapped it around the stone and finished it off. No, it did not work! Once again, it was too soft and the stone kept slipping out. I’m not a novice, I do know what I’m doing. I swear! I decided to give it one more try.

These stones are actually beads, that means there’s a hole drilled through the middle. I decided to try one last thing. I would stick the wire through the bead, but still wrap it so that it looked like a bezel. It worked. Right up until the wire broke. No, I have NOT been using the same wire. Each try was fresh wire. I did manage to fix it and here is what I ended with.

It is stable, and there is no way the stone is going anywhere. However. The blue wire that was wrapped lost a lot of blue on my hands. This isn’t the best photo, but there are places where the blue is missing and the wire looks silver. I’m done with this horrid wire.

I came up with other ways to to mount the stones. That’s what the main image for this post is showing. I really like these three pendants and will be making more. I regret spending so much time on one pendant. I scrapped the blue bezel. Sometimes you just have to let the vision go.

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