This bracelet is made with rose quartz and Czech glass beads. I used a stitch that is called the flat spiral to get the segmented look.

I used the rose quartz because it’s one of my favorite stones. I recently learned that it is called the “love stone” because it opens the heart chakra. Chakras are part of the Hindu religion and have been written about since 1500 bc. They are an old and venerated belief. The idea of chakras has been plucked from Hinduism by the western world and used in conjunction with yoga in a number of wellness programs. As far as I can tell, the programs work very well. Wearing Raspberry Rose on your wrist isn’t the same as using a chakra crystal. Those crystals must be “programmed” and put on specific parts of the body. However, wearing the crystals is a good reminder to keep an open heart. Mindfulness is just as important as open chakras.

Not a fan of chakras? Keep in mind this is named Raspberry Rose. I chose this name because the colors make me think of deliciousness and beauty.

Whether you’re a fan of flavor or devoted to chakras, if you like this beautiful bracelet, email me at It can be yours for $37.37.


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